July 21, 2017

The Need To Know Basics Of Body Language

Why should we learn body language?

Body language analysis is a skill which will both help you broadcast the right messages about yourself, and help you understand the behaviour of those around you.

This skill has its uses in  the social, and professional areas of our lives, and hence should not be underestimated.   Like any skill in life, some people have a natural ability to read emotions, while others can learn it through practice.   Our website will kick start you with the basics of how to analyse the world through emotion reading goggles.


The need to know basics of body language

 Emblems – The Core Of All Body Language Analysis

We have all heard of Freudian slips (eg a guilty person stating “I stole the biscuit” instead of saying “he stole the biscuit”) where our tongue leaks out what we consciously are trying to hide.  The interesting thing here is that these slips are far more likely to come from our bodies than our mouths.

The need to know basics of body language

Next time you are in a shop, ask an attendant what isle an obscure item is, and if the shop attendant is not 100% sure about where it is, they will accompany the answer with a micro shrug and / or a turning the palm upwards.  This is the subconscious body attempting to signal the “I don’t know pose with shoulders shrugged and palms up”.  (They may also scratch the back of their head for the ‘Oh oh’).  However their mouth will say isle 6 sir / madam.

Other emblems will be longer lasting but not directly in front of you.  For example when getting aggravated some of us will form a fist, but the conscious part of our brains know not to punch everyone who makes us mildly angry.

And some final examples are people resting their arms in front of their bodies so they can block away what ever is in front of them, or  a devout football fan may cover their eyes just after they saw the opposite football team score a try as they subconsciously want to stop themselves from watching.

Most the body language analysis discussed in this website and up coming books are a form of emblem, so if you remember any thing today remember this.  Emblems are the base to the majority of our body language movements.   The rest of our body language movements are a result of our Autonomic Nervous System which we can discuss in detail later.

Ill provide you with a real world example. Shapelle Corby is an Australian found guilty of importing Marijuana into Indonesia and on her trial she slapped her head when found guilty.  To us this suggests that she did something to hinder her chances of freedom by either actually committing the crime, covering for someone who did, refusing to pay a bribe for a guard to look away etc etc.  You will see this at the nine second point of the video link.  She continually did this gesture everytime they mentioned the moment that she was caught, but never for any other moment of the trial and interviews.

Reading Emotion, but not the source of emotion

Our brains are very complicated, and so is the world we live in.  Therefore much caution must be used when conducting body language analysis.  If a person is showing a sign of frustration, it could be regarding the person they are talking to, the time frame of their last nicotine fix, or about something they are day dreaming about. The good news is that after some training in reading micro expressions you will be able to find out how people feel in regards to certain subjects.



The most common body language analysis mistake we see from beginners is to look for single movements.

An action in itself may indicate that a person has a 55% chance that they are feeling a certain way, yet when combined with other clusters, the odds go up.

We have all heard the urban myth that a liar scratches their nose.  However their could be a number of reasons as for why a person is scratching their nose.  They could have a cold, they may be worried they left some ice cream on it, or they just have been going to pick the nose before realizing they are in public.

If however a persons voice pitch goes up, the time between words increase, they do a half shoulder shrug, bite their lip, stop using their hands to describe what they are talking about, and then scratch their nose… it could then indicate a lie.


Brokaw Hazard

The Brokaw Hazard refers to the common error of not comparing a person in a relaxed (default state) to the moment of analysis.  Some people seem anxious, when they are completely at ease, and this will change from person to person.
The simple rule here, is to know the person before making snap judgments.

A classic example is George Bush, who was often mistaken for been deceitful when that is just who he is.  If you disagree please watch this Video of George Bush.

Othello Error

The simplest way to describe the Othello error is that an innocent person accused of a crime could show just as much anxiety about been falsely accused and punished, as a guilty person would with anxiety for been caught for the crime.

This error was named after Shakespearian character “Othello” who mistakenly accused a woman of adultery while threatening her with death if guilty,

Naturally she displayed many tells for a lie as she was afraid for her life, and was subsequently put to death by Othello despite her innocence.

Note the video here where an Australian media presenter was not been deceitful but was in awe of interviewing Prince Charles.