July 21, 2017

Social Influence

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My mum always said that birds of a feather flock together.  But now I think we should take a bit more of a concentrated look at it, than to believe the old wives tale.

It turns out we are hard-wired to mimic those around us, which is why body language mirroring is such a common thing that happens.   This includes gestures, attitude, stress levels and generosity.

I read an article which points out an experiemnt where some subjects were placed to do work in both a room full of motivated people, and also a room with non motivated people.  Although the subjects claimed not to be effected, their work performance was better in the environment with the motivated people.  To read the article go here.


I have even had the experience myself once, when I started a job with a very positive can do attitude, only to turn into a bitter and grumpy hermit.  Although the stress levels of the job were a major factor in this, the attitudes of my co-workers who were also victim to the impossible work environment did not help.

It is for this reason that many smart businesses try all sorts of weird and wacky ways to keep morale up in the work place.
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It is believed that we do this, as an evolutionary hard wire to enable us to fit into tribes or groups.  

And here is the thought I will leave you with.  As it is our working environments that we spend the most amount of time in, it is also our working environments that will determine the type of person we will become.  So instead of picking a career for status, money or convenience, maybe we should pick careers on what personality we would like to have. …

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