July 21, 2017

Shoulders Body Language

A good posture and a serious face can make anyone including myself look like a serious leader which I proved in Ulan Ude Russia.

As a child we all remember our parents telling us to stand up straight, and pull our shoulders back.  But why is this so important?  Well first of all we will be less likely to be victims of a serial killer or criminal predators.   Yes that is a bit of a dramatic segway from posture, to been a victim of a serial killer, but I still put that in as I thought that was interesting…

Psychopaths choose their targets based upon 3 characteristics which are people, who look frail (small shoulder width), have a weak arm swing (which can be interpreted from watching the person) and those who do not spot the predator first.  There is a saying that a silverback gorilla, does not prey on other silverback gorillas.   This would also explain why all armed services mandate excellent posture when on parade.

And for all you gentlemen suitors out there, women are attracted to the Male V shape, so if you would like a bit more success in that department I would get started on your pull ups and shoulder lifts…   If your are interested in developing wider shoulders click here…    Oh whoops this is a body language blog, not a gym one… my apologies and back to the topic.

Wide shoulders also subconsciously suggest confidence, leadership and athletic ability bla bla bla.  So we all know that it is great to see open wide shoulders, but what do slouched shoulders mean?

Many psychologists believe that they can tell a patient is depressed from looking at thier posture alone, in that that the shoulders are hunched forward and there is little movement.

But wait there is more that the shoulders reveal…

You can tell when someone is either lying or not confident in their answer when you see a micro shoulder shrug (from both 1 or both shoulders).  For example if a co worker states “I am positive that I am not trying to get you fired, you over analysing body language paranoid nut”  while shrugging their shoulders…. then I would continue my line of questioning….

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