July 21, 2017

How to sell

This article is about how to sell something, whether it is yourself (not like a hooker but say for a job interview), a product for your company, or an idea.  Having a great product is one thing, but just as everything in this day in age, we need to present it in its best possible light.  Here are 10 rules.

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1).  Know your battle field, know yourself and know your enemy.  So although you are not selling weapons to North Korea this quote from the art of war can be used for everyday selling.  Putting yourself in your customers shoes can help you to anticipate reasons for rejecting your product, and also help you to modify your deal to make it more appealing. This also will help you to find common ground with who ever you are trying to sell to, which is turn would make them more likely to be open to you.

2).  Repetition.  Do not apply this idea literally as people will think that you are a robot, you are a robot, you are a robot.    For your key points of your argument use them both 1st and last in your speech or presentation.  Whatever you say in the middle is usually forgotten, and make your important points twice, but paraphrased, or again people will think you are a robot.

3).  Present both the pros and cons of your ideas.  This will make you seem like a more reliable honest source, and not like some cheesy infomercial sales person. If you are an infomercial person I am sorry that I have offended you.

4).  Explain what your customer has to gain from your product.  Help them visualise how much easier life would be with it.  We live in an age were imagination is declining, so we need to do the imagining for them.

5).  Feed cookies num num num to their egos.  And with this point do not be an obvious sleaze about it as we can all see through that.  Instead of complimenting something obvious about them, compliment something unique and something that they are passionate about.  (“I have to say I have not met many people who can recall that many quotes from the Simpsons”)  Or, better still comment on a detail on something they have worked hard on.  Eg “I see you have mastered the art of tying the double Windsor”

6).  Show a history.  Very few people want to go out on a limb if no one else has tried it before them.  If you have sold your product to a previous market, mention it, if they rave about how good it is… mention it…

7).  Make sure you can sell it to yourself.  If you are not totally sold an idea, there is no way you will be able to sell it to someone else.  And this also applies to your sales pitch as well as your product.   If you are a sales manager do not give your sales staff sales lines to rehearse!  You will kill their sales!  I have seen this happen.  Their are 7 billion personality’s in this world and all of us need to tailor our pitches to our own personalities.


8).  Be energetic.  Energy is inspiring.  Just look at pyramid schemes, oh I mean network marketing if you do not believe me.  Speaking of which I am selling exclusive membership to globalsynergitalisn corp for $100, and if you sell two memberships, you will get 5% of their entry fees.  And if they sell memberships you will be 5% of their sales to.   Now lets all jump and high five each other so we are pumped up enough to be dupped into anything.


9).  Be modest.  When going out clubbing I see so many suitors try to impress girls by faking ultra egos because they were advised to look confident. (and executing some cringe worthy fails)  Their is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, and that line is somewhere around been able to make fun of yourself.

10).  Love what you do.  If you do not, then look to change to something that you are passionate about.

For more info on how to sell stuff check out this book that some dude wrote


Dave & Grace



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