July 21, 2017

Interesting psychology

Want to know some quirky things about our brains?

This is the section that we have dedicated to information that we find interesting enough to put on the website, but don’t fall under one of the existing seven categories. The topics range from our primary reaction to certain colours, to the effects of a full Moon, and the art of the hand shake.

body language psychology

You will be surprised at how this information will be able to assist you in your everyday lives, so please read on, and enjoy the adventure.


To most people the handshake is just a formal way to meet and greet others. However for politicians and many other people in positions of power, the handshake is the first battle in the war of dominance.

As discussed the body emblems section, the exposure of the palm is a sign of submission. This also applies to handshakes as dominant personalities will attempt to rotate their counterparts hand to the left to raise their palm upwards.

However the counter to this move is to discreetly step in to force them to take a step backwards. Look at this below link of of how the step in looks when not done so smoothly in the Australian election of 1999.



Another thing politicians need to take into account is that there could be photographers near by. This adds an entirely new flank to the battle as public perception of subtle dominance is just as important as actual dominance. Therefore, it is always with in their interest to be positioned to the left side on the photo as their palm will be facing away from the camera, and their counter part the opposite.

If however they were to be positioned to the wrong side of the photo, a counter attack could be to place their second arm on top of their counterparts hand, on their counter parts elbow, or even their shoulder.

And an interesting observation we have noted is the difference between Barrack Obama and every preceding US president.  While all Presidents before the 44th president attempted to show absolute domination in their hand shakes, Obama tends to expose his palm slightly upwards. This could be argued as a body language attempt to mend international relations.


Have you ever wanted to be part of an angry mob? I know I have! But why is it that people by themselves can remain completely calm, but united show a front for anarchy.

Crime rates per capita are always higher in crowded cities than their suburbian and country counterparts, and a simple reason for this is that we all have an inbuilt need for territory ownership. It is also one of the triggers for road rage, where we perceive others as taking our driving space territory.

Perception of colours

When we all see colours on houses, clothing or cars, we immediately have subconscious opinions on the owners personality.

Furthermore to this some colours are more aggressive to the brain, than others. To explain this the simplest way I can, you will notice that well marketed items will use the bright shades of the three primary colours of red blue and yellow. And on any well designed website you will notice that the back ground colours are light shades (of any colour) to prevent the user from getting a headache.

Listed below are the perceptions of the colours

Red – Aggressive, and go getting (The most common colour of Ferraris)

Blue – Conservative and caring (Its always a colour of a major political party of any nation, and in Australias case both major parties)

Yellow – Always wanting more, and bright (Another common sports car colour)

Green – Balanced, fresh (the symbolic colour of environmentalism)

White – Pure and clean (Like most kitchens and bathrooms)

Black – Mysterious and dignified (Dinner suits)

Pink – Feminie, and paternal (Very few men wear pink which proves my point)

Orange – Luxury and flamboyancy, unique.

Purple – Strong desire to be different, misunderstood (Before Rome was a republic the kings wore Purple)

Brown – patience and dependable, and depending on context dirty. (Shoes)

Grey – Caution and compromise, work with out reward.

Also on colours insurance company data confirms that you are less likely to get into an accident if your car is a bright colour, and the less subtle colours are less likely to be noticed by other drivers.

Full moons

It is widely believed that the lunar cycle causes lunatic behavior. Although extensive research into this has only proven that the moon cycle only effects plants, many people tend to disagree.

Some theories include that if the moons gravitational pull is strong enough to move the liquids in our brain (in a similar way they move the tides), while others suggest it may be the deprivation of darkness that our bodies are so used to.

However the most likely theory is that it is all psychological, meaning that that it is our belief of the full moons magic makes it so.

One myth we can rule out however is that the full moon does not cause anyone to turn into werewolves.


This is a nice easy one for you. If your friends exhale the smoke upwards it indicates positive thoughts, while level or down indicate negative thoughts. If you don’t believe me, tell a smoker a joke.

And now the hard part about smokers. The reason behind it…..

For long term smokers it is no secret that it is nicotine addiction, but for the social and new smokers it is a curious case as for why so many take it up despite the obvious damage to their health, wallet, and breath.

The belief amongst psychologist now is that they take it up because of some inner turmoil. In our infant days we were breast fed and the belief is that when ever feeling unsure we feel the need to put anything in our mouths. (glasses, pens, food and cigarettes fingernails).

But how do we tell social smokers from addicted ones. Easy. The size of the inhalation puffs (and the type of cigarette they smoke). Small puffs suggest a social smoker while large inhalations show an addict getting their fix.

And it is for the above reason that smoking can be so hard to give up, as the nicotine addiction causes the need for the body to crave more, and while we are unsure and uncomfortable we all want to put something in our mouths.


The appearance of glasses instantly suggest a more intellectual, educated and conservative appearance.

Furthermore if you see someone trying to talk to a colleague with their head down, and eyes peering over glasses it indicates that the person is going on a power trip.

And finally one tip for all you sunglass wearers (everyone). Never where sunglasses when presenting to a crowd (in less you are going for the mysterious artist, or dodgy con man look) as it creates the image that you are trying to hide something.


This is a sign that 2 parties have equal respect for one another and when done publicly suggests a united front. Just look at every joint conference between the USA, Australia, Britain and Italy and you will notice this.

Seat and desk arrangement

You will notice in any old establishments room design (such as a court room),  the person of importance (Judge) will have both the biggest and highest chair. The same rule applies for desks.

The bigger the desk and chair, the bigger the perception of power, and as one of my good friends Jimbo quotes “Power Perceived is Power Achieved”

Voice & wording

Rigid repetition -This is a strong indicator for deceit, as our minds find a statement that does not incriminate us, and then continually repeats it. To back this example refer to the youtube video of bill Clinton. Note in this clip his fingers making the shoosh symbol before the 1st question and also instead of answering no, he answered “that is not how I recall it.” Also note the long pause before the first answer which again is also a sign of lying.



When listening to friends speak, try and listen out for what words they place emphasis on. If its words like “heaven” “dream” it would indicate that they are quite happy and are living a good life. If however the emphasized words are “disaster” or “disgrace” etc it is a sign of a guilty conscious.

Many respected psychologists are of the belief that there are certain voice pitches which are tied to certain emotions. So far a link has not been discovered, but in saying that Micro Expressions were only discovered 20 years ago.

It is the mainstream belief now that a voice pitch is a sign one of many emotions. One emotion that is closer to been confirmed is a lowering of the voice pitch when one is sad and or depressed.