July 21, 2017

How to keep your crowd for presentations

/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net”]So you have looked at your presentation feedback form and you are a bit disappointed.   Obviously we would love to have the senses to notice when we have lost our audience, and also we would love to be able to keep our audience.  This weeks post will be about those 2 subjects.

How to keep you audience

1 – Keep it simple and straight to the point – We live in an ADD generation, where ad makers, and movie directors have adapted to our short attention spans.  Gone is the era where the average person will spend hours reading a book (although it is not even close to a dead hobby), as we now are more likely to watch TV or downloaded movies.

It is not your fault, but this is the world we live in.  Also if it’s a business presentation chances are that the audience have many pressing imminent business concerns, and are secretly edging to go back to make sure their business department is not falling apart.

So remember to keep that in mind.

2 – Infotainment – As per my previous point, stating a list of boring facts does not cut it.  We need to bring some drama and animation to it.  Throw in some jokes and audience participation gimmicks.  Ask questions and throw candy at participants when they answer.

3 – Do not tell the same story twice – do not tell the same story twice – do not tell the same story three times.


How to tell when you have lost your crowd.

1).  Everyone slowly but surely has packed their belongings and notes.  They will try to be subtle but this will be obvious when everyone in the room has done it.

2).  Everyone is resting in the starters position – This is when you lean forward on your chair like you are about to start the 100 meter sprint.  The body mimics what it wants to do.  Also if torsos and or feet are facing the door instead of you, that means you have lost them.  In this situation throw in a gimmick or a brake.



Hope this helps and happy presenting.


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