July 21, 2017

Othello Error

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With DNA evidence exonerating so many innocent people from the worlds prisons, we need to question the way that interview people.  Whether it is for a job application or a murder investigation we all have gotten it so wrong before.

A big reason for this miss judgement is the ‘Othello Error’ which basically means an innocent person afraid of been falsely accused, will show the same signs as a guilty person who has something to hide.  Now consider almost every crime movie, where the detectives interogate suspects in a dark room while they yell and scream at them about how they will spend the rest of their lives in jail.

For more info on the Othello Error check out Paul Ekmans book telling lies!

This is a recipe for the othello error.

To interview or interrogate correctly we need to create a relaxed atmosphere with the subject sitting close to the door, and we need to establish a rapport with the person in question so we can establish a baseline for how they are when they are relaxed and stressed.

Professional lie detectors look for signs of comfort and discomfort in order to zoom in on hidden secrets.  There are 1000s of body language cause and effect actions one can learn, but it is far more simple to look for comfort and discomfort in the same way a computer senses a 1 or a 0.

From this you will be able to derive into any truth whether in a job interview or in an investigation.


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