July 21, 2017

NLP Training

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You have probably heard of people talking about NLP in the same way that people in Star Wars talk about the force.  Yet when questioning it, everyone seems to respond with an answer along the lines of ‘its mystery is only exceeded by its power’.

Well to cut a long story short, NLP is Neurol Linguistic Programming which basically means leaning the subtle tricks of body language analysis and display to achieve ones goals.

Is this weeks post we will teach how to use it to build rapport with others.  In my research for NLP, the authors spoke about this magical ability, and pleaded for the readers to only use its tricks for good and not evil…  In my experience however, asking a prick not to be a prick usually has a redundant effect, so I am going to skip that part.

But enough of my jibber jabber, and lets get to it.

A good way to build rapport with another person is to match channels of their body language, the keys ones been

1).  Posture – By matching others posture this has a subconscious effect on having you feel as equals

2).  Facial Expressions – Well this one is quite self explanatory…

3).  Small hand and feet movements – This one you will need to be careful with, and if in doubt don’t do it at all.  If your counter part makes a gesture, make a similar gesture but at 30% power.

4).  Breathing – This is a great subtle one, as it is so….. subtle.   This will be noted in your counterparts subconscious but not concious.

5). Voice – Now for this one I do not mean, do an Schwarzenegger or Conery impersonation if you meet them, but more we mean match their voice’s emotion for excitement, sarcasm, etc.

This should be a good and easy start for NLP,

To learn how to harness the power of NLP click here!

Have fun kids


Dave & Grace




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