July 21, 2017

Our Faces

What do our expressions reveal?

The short answer to that question is ‘very little’ and the long answer is ‘everything if you can spot facial expressions that last less than 1/15th of a second.

Body language micro expressions

These quick facial stances have been labeled as Micro expression by Dr Paul Ekman who discovered this phenomena in the early eighties.

Very few people can spot these expressions with out watching film in slow motion.If however you are one of those people who don’t film every social interaction you have, never fear as you can train yourself to be quick enough to spot them.

Paul Ekman has developed a training computer program which enables us to develop these skills.To download this program go to here. At ultimate body language we are also developing tools to help you become better at reading these micro expressions.


Pupil dilation (widening) is an indication of everything positive from excitement to arousal.  And obviously the opposite is the case for disappointment.  Also bear in mind that changing light conditions also change our pupil size.

Darting Eyes

As discussed in the body emblem section, the body points to where it wants to go.  Therefore eyes bouncing all around the room is a clear indication that an individual is bored and looking for an escape route.

A common mistake for public speakers is to try and look at the entire audience in to short a period of time as this gives the ‘shifty eyes appearance


Excessive blinking is the side effect of a sudden increase in neurotic activity.  This does not in itself indicate much in less combined with other body language movements to reflect what the person is thinking is about.

Eye Direction when telling a story

The directions I am about to provide are for if you are looking at someone opposite yourself.    Also note that these are all correct for a right handed person, and are laterally inverted for a left handed person.