July 21, 2017

Interview Body Language

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Ok so its game time, you are interviewing for the big job.  Well the good news is that I have some very useful tips for you, in both body language and in inside information on what the interviewers are looking for.

Obviously it is a good idea to try to predict the kinds of questions you will be asked. eg what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, what motivates you and why do you want this job.   And naturally it is a good idea to prepare answers for all of these questions.

But all of that is just the warm up for the main event.  The real questions and tips will be as follows…..

1).  If you are interviewing for a serious role, your interviewer will ask you questions which you could never anticipate.   Here they ar


e not looking for a perfect answer, but they are more looking to see how you react to a challenge.  So just as you did in high school maths class, justify and explain your answers.   For example a Microsoft candidate was asked why are sewer covers round in his interview.   A horrible response would be “I don’t know”, but a good response would be “mmm interesting question, as edges could present a safety hazard, but I doubt that would be the reason, as they can just round them, and the design would obviously have some practical use.  You would want the cover to only be able to be lifted by certified plumbers and not random kids, so maybe to prevent easy opening.  Actually it would be so no matter what happens the cover can never fall inside the sewer.”

2).  The “tell about a time when you”…..  You are guaranteed to receive these questions if you are applying for a role where your experience had you short-listed.  Its one thing to say you have initiative, but its another to prove it.  And when you answer this question the interviewers will be looking for any sign of lying or exaggeration, so please stick to the truth with these ones.  It is better to give a boring story from your personal life than it is to make something up from your work life.

Remember your interviewer will be well practised in sniffing BS.

Subtly mirror some of their body language.  Not to the extent that you are fighting for dominance, but enough to let them know you are confident in who you are, and in what you are qualified to do.
4).  Present yourself as easy to get along with, and a hard worker.  Trust me, your future boss/ HR representative will not be looking to increase their future work load by having to resolve interpersonal conflicts.  They already have enough of that kind of crap to deal with how it is…
5).  Art of War Quote, Know your enemy, know yourself, know your battlefield.  Any information which you can find on the company will do 2 things.  Prevent you from saying something stupid and also impress the interviewers that you are willing to do some research before even been guaranteed that you have the role.





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