July 21, 2017

How To Fake It, Until You Make It

Use psychology to your advantage!

How to fake it, until you make it
At Ultimate Body Language we believe there is more to be gained from our resources by correcting oneself, than what there is from analyzing others. This page of our website is dedicated to that very principal.

Naturally we all want to be popular, we all want to be charming and we all want to adapt to new situations. Well the we have good news and bad news. The good news is that it is possible to do this with just information on this web page, but the bad news is that it takes practice to work (just like learning a new sport or musical instrument).

5 Body language tricks

1. Smile you Clown!

The smile is a great chicken and the egg scenario, where positive thoughts result in smiles and smiles result in positive thoughts.Smiling is also one of the best things we can do in life to get ahead as most smiles are returned by an opposite party which in turn produces positive thoughts.

Yes this does all sounds a bit hippy happy hippie, but these results have been verified by numerous psychologists.

And one more thing about smiles, is that the muscles required to make our face move are similar to our biceps where if they will grow weak if not exercised. Extreme cases of this lack of exercise lead to down mouth which can result in a bulldog looking face.

So get pumping!

On the subject of body building note this video of Arnold Schwarzenegger been interviewed.  Notice his infectious smile lighting up others around him.



2. Open body language

If you refer to the body emblems section you will note the difference between closed body language and open body language. To simplify it, don’t cross your arms, hands, legs or even ankles while talking to others. First of all subconsciously the parties with you will not feel blocked away, and also you will be able to take in their ideas more easily.

Pease International have studied into this subject and concluded that like smiling, open body language is a another chicken and the egg scenario.

3. Walk and talk slowly

A slow walker and talker indicates to others that you are comfortable and confident. Barrack Obama, John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton are often quoted as the most charming presidents in recent history, and a big part of this is their walking and talking patterns.

Intentional pausing in between words, build anticipation and increase listener investment to your topic of conversation. Also remember to keep an open diaphragm while speaking to make your speech more audible.

And the slow walk with medium sized arm swings suggests good health and a familiarity with their immediate environment.

Although slow walking and slow talking are not always a sign of confidence it is perceived that way by others. Fast speech is usually a sign of high passion but to the untrained listener it is a sign of an anxious personality.

4. Five star perceived, is five star achieved

In real estate there is a famous saying that it is better to have the worst house in the best street than the best house in the worse street.For dress sense the opposite is true.

Now I am not saying to wear a tuxedo or evening dress everywhere while your colleagues wear singlets and board shorts.(although that does sound like fun right). You must do as the Romans when in Rome as the famous saying states.

To simplify the above paragraph we are stating it is advantageous to be the best dressed in moderation.So for example to have a nice polo shirt while the rest of the crowd have T shirts.(bear in mind fashion is always changing). It is about looking the newest and freshest with in a group (again within moderation).For example you can tell Darth Vador was the boss as he had a slightly better space suit than his comrades.



Our appearance and dress sense is our first impression to the rest of the world, so please get it right.Please make sure it communicates everything that you want it to.Please also refer to the colour impressions page.  In our hospitality days I had a saying that 5 star perceived was 5 star achieved.

And as discussed on the attraction page, at the end of the day we are all shallow creatures as much as we try to over write our hard-wiring.

Numerous psychological studies have proven that good looking people are more likely to get promoted in their jobs, be happy with the partners, and get favorable social treatment.So with bearing this in mind, join a gym, and ask your personal trainer to “make you more spectacularly beautiful” (you may want to paraphrase that last part).



If you are interested in getting fit go to www.ultimatefitnesshq.com website which is full of great tips for toning muscle, losing weight and body building.  Not only will this have positive physical results, but you will find that it will change you psychologically as well by making you happier and more confident.

5. Eye contact

Prolonged eye contact can be used to communicate two things. Attraction and domination.

From the attraction front, you don’t want to be over doing it as you will look like a serial killer. Also when applying it in the dating scene smile as well.

From the domination stand point, it is a very useful tool, however note over dominant personalities tend not to be too popular.To add rocket fuel to this scenario, lower the eye brows closer to the eyes, and watch your alpha competitor bow away.

This is all pretty nitty gritty stuff compared to the other 4 points however, so we would recommend mastering the other 4, before moving to this one.

5 Psychology tricks

1. Be mindful of others psychological needs

When asking a co worker to complete a task, you will find better results if you explain to them how it will help them, than you would if you explained how it would help the company.To give you a simple example, as humans we generally love to Candy.However when we go fishing do we use Candy as bait?If you did I would be very interested to know how much you catch.

We obviously use worms and small bugs that we would only eat if someone down the street dared us $500 to do so.You need to arouse their wants and needs and not your own.

I once heard a quote that “there are no lazy people in the world, but there are plenty of people who have not been properly motivated”

2. Stroke other peoples egos

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and useful, bearing this in mind, you can do this by

a) Remembering their names- A trick I use is to associate their name with someone else I know with that name, whether from my personal life or a celebrity.

b) Giving honest compliments and appreciation.  Note David Letterman who in our opinions has a great overall people skills. Note his sincere compliments here as well as his open body language and slow speech.




c).When correcting or coaching, deliver it in a compliment sandwich.For example John, its great that you are now body building and using protein shakes to help you with that, and you need to know that when you pass wind the protein shakes diet is stinking out the room, so although your muscles are getting huge you may want to go out side when passing wind.”Also when delivering the compliment sandwich try and use the “and” instead of “but”.

d).Point out our own mistakes while criticizing

3. Get others in the pattern of saying yes

For example “Are you sick of being poor, are you sick of having to work 9 to 5 in a job that you hate, do you want to get rich, do you want to pay $1000 and join my pyramid scheme?”

4. Dramatise your ideas

In my humble opinion, most sales pitches are boring. So spice it up by adding drama to your points. And where better to learn this, than from Hollywood and TV ads.

If you want a friend to quite smoking, instead of saying you could save $10,000 a year, show them what $10,000 cash looks like, or show them something they could buy (and what they would want) for $10,000.

5. Take a friendly approach

This last point can be a collaboration of the last nine points. When walking into a room flash a smile at whoever you are meeting, ask them about things in their life which are of interest to them. And when meeting people for the first time remember impressions do stick like bubble gum under a desk.

Now get going and apply these 10 tricks, and who knows what’s possible…..