July 21, 2017

What is an emotion

Body Language is the study of ones inner emotions  but to read the emotions we should at what an emotion is.  There is no single part of the brain which controls our emotions, but there is a large majority going on in the subcortal section.  Oh look at me I am an academic because I used the word subcortal… By the way that is a fancy way of saying the part of your brain that sticks with your spine.

Anyway, despite what I just said, researchers have found that sadness to come from the right hemisphere of the brain, and happiness to come from the left, and damage to either side of the brain does tend to leave us in one state or the other.  I guess our friend pictured here to the right has alot of neural activity on the left side of his brain.

Also while researching what an emotion is, I came across some interesting info (that’s short for information) on the source of many emotions.  But what is the mysterious source I hear you ask….. well if you would just stop cutting me of and let me finish I will tell you…

This source is mimickery.  When we see someone in distress it causes motor neurons in our brains to cause similar feelings ourselves.  This is exactly why I do not watch day time soap TV!… and also because they are lame.

We start to mimick emotions as babies, and as we see the emotions of others around us, our brains program it into our own emotional circuits.  However this is not the case for those with autism.

So if we process that information for a moment, and realise that the majority of our emotion reactions are learnt rather than genetic.  But this is not for all emotions.  Back in some previous year some researcher whose name I have forgotten travelled to some parts of the world where there had been almost no interaction with the civilised world.  He studied these tribes to answer the question on which emotions were genetic and which were cultural.

To cut a long story short the emotions which are genetic are surprise, disgust, happy, sad, anger, contempt and fear.  So everything else is cultural…

Sleep on that one tonight.








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