July 21, 2017

Self Control Is Limited

Image courtesy of [Praisaeng] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of [Praisaeng] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Many proud pet owners sometimes like to show of to mates on how well behaved their canine companions are.  They bark commands and if things go well, then the dog will obey.  Recently studies were done on dogs in a place called Kentucky USA  (its nearish the Dominican Republic) where dogs were ordered to sit for long durations.  Every time the dog would brake its discipline the owner would seem to spring out of no where to command the dog back into its sitting position.

Later that day a experiment was done with the same group of dogs, and also a fresh group of dogs with the owners.  This time the challenge was to leave the dog unsupervised in front of a treat.  It was made clear to the dog that it was not to eat the treat and it would then be left alone for 10 minutes.

There were 2 groups of dogs for this experiment with one group been the same dogs used in the previous task, and the 2nd group been fresh to the lab.  The dogs who already had to use some self control for the earlier tasks mostly caved into the temptation whilst the new dogs mostly passed.

dumb traveller ad1 chinaSo long story short, both humans and dogs only have a finite amount of self control.  So if you spend the whole day saying no to a cigarette, you will be more likely to say yes to the tub of ice cream before you go to bed.


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