July 21, 2017

5 Tip on how to build customer rapport

/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net”]<p>Image courtesy of [image creator name] / <a href="http://www.freedigitalphotos.net" target="_blank">FreeDigitalPhotos.net</a></p>Its no secret that building a strong rapport with a customer builds sales, and minimises complaints.  Today we will be listing out 5 simple tips to help you build rapport with your clients, whether you work at a petrol station, a 5 star hotel or a door to door sales person.

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1).  Smile – I rant on and on about this one, but it is seriously the best body language tip anyone can give … anyone.  There is a debate about the chicken and the egg just as there is a debate on the smile and the positive thought.  Positive thoughts create smiles, and smiles create positive thoughts.  Also our amigos around us tend to mirror this body language action quite readily, hence making them smile, which then leads them to having positive thoughts.

2).  Find a common ground with them – Most guys like talking about some form of footy (NFL, NRL, Super 15, European League, A League etc).  If you can find out what their interests are and then talk about it, chances are you will strike up a great conversation.  As the brilliant Dale Carnigie once said, we fish with worms, because that’s what the fish want, even though I myself would prefer strawberries as bait.  Always talk about what they are interested in, as opposed to what you are interested in, and if any of those interests coincide, that will be awesome luck for you.

3).  Give a real compliment – We are all ego sensitive creatures, so feel free to throw in the occasional (real) compliment.  For example, for a guest in a hotel, “nice suit case, its good to see people making theirs look unique so us hoteliers and airline workers can’t possibly mix this bag up for another”.  However something along the lines of “you are really pretty” will just come across as creepy.

4).  Remove the physical barrier. – Desks believe it or not make us feel more distant from those we converse with.  A desk should only be used as a platform to write and place a PC and cash till.  Otherwise they should have no place in the customer service environment.

5).  Treat them like a guest in your house – Now I don’t mean call him some racially insensitive nick name lie you would your best friend, but I mean offer them a coffee / water and act as though you are happy to see them again.


These 5 tips should hopefully keep you from losing all your clients.






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