July 21, 2017

About Us

The Ultimate Body Language Company is a business which specializes in the education of social analysis.  Our research includes behavioral studies but is primarily geared towards reading emotional responses.

Our belief at Ultimate Body Language is that the biggest advantage of been able to speak the language of the body, is not what you can read in others, but in broadcasting what you want to others.

Dave and Grace started The Ultimate Body Language Company after many years working in fields which mandated strong body language analysis skills.

Grace has worked in all fields of hospitality in several nations and has had to learn many customs across many cultures, while Dave has worked in sales, advertising and hospitality after obtaining his International Business Degree.

It was not long after they met that they decided to combine their experience with what they had researched, into a business to educate on the links between our brain and bodies.

Our Company has many ambitious expansion plans for the future and you are welcome to join us for the adventure.