July 21, 2017

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Self Control Is Limited

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzYLVLsT8lA&feature=youtu.be     Many proud pet owners sometimes like to show of to mates on how … [Read More...]

body language selling

How to sell

This article is about how to sell something, whether it is yourself (not like a hooker but say for a job interview), a product for your company, or an … [Read More...]

body language mirror

Social Influence

My mum always said that birds of a feather flock together.  But now I think we should take a bit more of a concentrated look at it, than to believe the … [Read More...]

body langauge emotions

What is an emotion

Body Language is the study of ones inner emotions  but to read the emotions we should at what an emotion is.  There is no single part of the brain which … [Read More...]

body language presentation

How to keep your crowd for presentations

So you have looked at your presentation feedback form and you are a bit disappointed.   Obviously we would love to have the senses to notice when we … [Read More...]

body language rapport

5 Tip on how to build customer rapport

Its no secret that building a strong rapport with a customer builds sales, and minimises complaints.  Today we will be listing out 5 simple tips to help … [Read More...]

interview body language

Interview Body Language

Ok so its game time, you are interviewing for the big job.  Well the good news is that I have some very useful tips for you, in both body language and … [Read More...]

body language shoulders (2)

Shoulders Body Language

As a child we all remember our parents telling us to stand up straight, and pull our shoulders back.  But why is this so important?  Well first of all … [Read More...]

othello error

Othello Error

With DNA evidence exonerating so many innocent people from the worlds prisons, we need to question the way that interview people.  Whether it is for a … [Read More...]

NLP Training

NLP Training

You have probably heard of people talking about NLP in the same way that people in Star Wars talk about the force.  Yet when questioning it, everyone … [Read More...]